Maui, one of the many Hawaiian Islands. Despite being part of the U.S.A, the island is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and far away from North America. With it's own unique culture and landscape, Maui is a very nice place to visit. From the expirience I had, the air was very warm and humid which is very different from Vancouver's air. As well during the night there was a very nice breeze that made it the perfect temperature. The beaches on the island has very soft sand and very beautiful. You can walk around to nearby shops and buy any of the nessecities you need. There is a lot of explore including beaches with different colour sand, tall volcanoes and small villages. The people here are also very nice and welcoming! I made nice memories here playing on the beach, exploring the island with my family, and walking around at night. The island is very safe and I think it would be perfect to go to as a family or alone.

Things to do in Maui

  1. Go to the beach!
  2. Go to the top of the volcano!
  3. Walk around at night!
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